Obituary Form



Newspaper charges vary, please ask a funeral director for detail.
IMPORTANT: Before signing please verify that all information on this form is correct.
The undersigned hereby certifies that they are the person with the right to control final disposition of the above-named decedent, or otherwise have the legal authority to direct the arrangements of the decedent, and hereby authorize Smith Lund Mills to submit this obituary to specified newspapers and post the decedent's obituary on Smith Lund Mills' website and/or other website on the internet that list obituary and death notices. The undersigned takes responsibility for the accuracy of the information submitted and further acknowledges that once submitted and printed this obituary/death notice cannot be changed and will become part of the public domain. The undersigned authorizes the release of this information to the public and hereby release Smith Lund Mills from all liability that may arise from the printing or posting of this obituary/death notice and agrees to be financially liable for any expenses incurred for such requests.