Whole Body Donation is an alternative to immediate cremation or traditional burial that offers the opportunity to give the gift of renewed life to countless others. Its can range from furthering medical research to continuing the training and education of medical professionals around the country. Families who choose this option often feel a sense of pride knowing that their loved one made a lasting contribution to future generations.

Sunset Hills has partnered with several Oregon anatomical donation programs to offer this service. While Whole Body Donation is not for everyone, it can be a no-cost or low-cost alternative to traditional burial or cremation options, and as such it may be right for your family.

Your loved one will always be treated with dignity and respect at Sunset Hills. Our staff will guide you through the donation process and will coordinate transportation. We will gather the necessary information to complete a death certificate, assist with placement of an obituary, and help complete any necessary paperwork.

After the anatomical process is completed with the donor’s remains, the remaining portion is cremated at a licensed crematory. Our staff can arrange to have these cremated remains returned to our facility, which typically occurs in 4-6 weeks.

Though most people are eligible for this program, requirements do exist that could exclude some donors. Common reasons for exclusion are communicable disease or severe obesity. However, there are other medical conditions and circumstances arising at the time of death that may also prohibit donation. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions regarding any of these stipulations.

Expenses covered by the anatomical donation program include transportation from the place of death to Sunset Hills, temporary shelter of the remains at our facility, transportation to the anatomical facility, filing of the Death Certificate and necessary permits and returning a portion of the cremated remains to the family. Our staff will also notify the Social Security Administration, assist the family with claiming veterans benefits if eligible, and help survivors draft the obituary. The donor’s obituary will be placed on our website, with photographs, at no additional expense.

The first certified death certificate is included in the Whole Body Donation process. Additional death certificates, obituaries in newspapers, memorial services, cemetery property for the permanent placement of the cremated remains and other memorial merchandise are not covered by the Whole Body Donation option. These choices would be an additional expense to the family and can be explained thoroughly by a funeral director.


For those who have an interested in this program as a form of pre-planning, we recommend contacting us directly so we can help the donor determine if they pre-qualify. It is important to note that the donor must still qualify, with a secondary assessment, at the time of death. However, getting pre-qualified is the first step in eligibility and determining if this program is right for you.

At Sunset Hills, we understand that the choice to make anatomical donations is a very personal one, and we want you to feel comfortable with your decision. Whole Body Donation is a program that allows donors to keep giving after death, while simultaneously reducing the financial burdens on their family. If you would like more information on this program, please give us a call at 541-342-6853 or email us at info@sunsethillseugene.com.