Sunset Hills Cemetery

Originally founded in 1953 as Sunset Hills Memorial Gardens, Sunset Hills Cemetery offers nine breathtaking acres with views of the Willamette Valley.  The cemetery and funeral facilities sit in the majestic shadow of Spencer Butte, among the rolling hills of south Eugene, Oregon.  The cemetery was originally designed as a memorial park, and in keeping with the common design of the mid-20th century, monuments are flush with the ground to facilitate maintenance and offer a park-like feel. Sunset Hills Memorial Gardens' name was changed to Sunset Hills Cemetery around the turn of the 21st century.


Additions to the property included the mausoleum, which was completed in 1969, and a funeral home and crematorium that were opened in 2009.

Highlights and Features

Sunset Hills put simply is a beautiful cemetery with numerous in-ground burial locations that are attractive and easily accessible.  The Mausoleum Crypt is directly adjacent to the Memorial Center and available year-round.  The cemetery is set up to address the evolving diversity of our community. Sunset Hills offers cemetery products that cater to the community's growing interest in the permanent placement of cremated remains and natural burial. 

Glass Front Niches - The ultimate in permanent memorialization and personalization for urns.  With a glass fronted niche you not only have a permanent and dignified location for placement of cremated remains inside our mausoleum but with single and larger formatted double glass fronted niches you can place photographs and other mementos along with the urn that can help tell the story of a life lived. In late 2017, we installed our newest bank of glass niches inside our mausoleum. 

Rosette Urn Garden — Gaining in popularity is the practice of in-ground urn burial. Rosette Urn Garden provides individual grave spaces for the permanent burial of urns.  These spaces are scaled specifically for both single and companion urn placements. Sunset Hills also offers natural burial of cremated remains in our natural burial garden.  Natural Burial of cremated remains does not require a protective container or urn.

Columbarium Niches — Sunset Hills offers two varieties of columbarium niche.  The first is the glass-fronted variety that are located inside the mausoleum. Inside niches allow for viewing of the urn and, often mementos of the individual such as pictures, medals and other important or otherwise sentimental items. The second type of columbarium niche are located on the outside of the mausoleum.  These outdoor niches are in premium locations that are adorned with personalized memorial bronze plaques. Vases are available for both types of niches.

Mausoleum Crypt – Choosing placement in a mausoleum crypt provides for a permanent and secure burial. This option involves placing the casket inside in an individual crypt within the mausoleum. Crypts can be memorialized with beautiful bronze plaques and vases. 

Lawn Crypt — Lawn crypts at Sunset Hills have been pre-installed in the earth in several locations throughout the cemetery. Lawn crypts are pre-installed cement vaults that protect and house the casket upon burial.  Single, double occupancy or private family estate lawn crypts are available.  

Scattering Garden — The Scattering garden at Sunset Hills is a designated area — centrally located in the cemetery — that allows for cremated remains to be returned to the earth via scattering. A memorial remembrance monument in this garden features individual bronze scrolls listing the names of those who have been scattered.  Scattering of all or a portion of the remains is allowed.  The bronze scrolls create a wonderful permanent memorial for those who have chosen scattering.

Natural Burial — Sunset Hills is proud to be one of the few cemeteries in Oregon to offer natural burial. Those who are seeking a simpler, more minimal approach to burial that is more carbon-neutral and ecologically friendly are increasingly opting for a natural burial.  The most elemental form of burial, Natural Burial allows for a person’s remains to return directly to the earth without a grave liner or vault.  The use of a wood or natural casket is optional.  With natural burial, many still choose to mark the gravesite with a natural granite stone. Cremated remains can also be placed in our natural burial addition without a recoverable urn.

Annual Event

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunset Hills pays tribute to those who have given their lives in service to their country.  Leading up to Memorial Day weekend, our maintenance crew spends extra energy preparing the cemetery for visitors.  Our grounds crew individually trim and blow clippings off each marker. Large American flags are placed along the drive through Sunset Hills. Vases and small flags are available for individual placement.