1 Select Time of Need

2 Select a Cremation Package

Our online process can help you choose the appropriate cremation package, provide important information to our staff and help you calculate costs.

Completion of this process offers transparency and will allow you to obtain our best online pricing. Final documents can be reviewed, and payment can be made in person at Sunset Hills or online it’s your choice. Our staff will process the paperwork and will be in communication with you either way.

Please note: Our online process may not be configured to all possible situations and does not show all the services we provide if you need assistance or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 541-342-6853.

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3 Select an Urn

Please select an urn. Any one of the three basic urns listed below is included in every cremation package, at no additional charge.

If you wish to upgrade the urn, please click on the additional urns tab and choose from our expanded collection. A credit of $35 will be given at checkout on any upgraded urn that is selected.

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  • Urn Selection
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