Founded in 1953, Sunset Hills Memorial Gardens offers nine breathtaking acres with views of the Willamette Valley. The cemetery and funeral facilities sit in the majestic shadow of Spencer Butte, among the rolling hills of south Eugene, Oregon. Originally built as a memorial park, and in keeping with the common design of the mid-20th century, monuments are flush with the ground to facilitate maintenance and offer a park-like feel. Sunset Hills Memorial Garden’s name was changed to Sunset Hills Cemetery around the turn of the 21st century.

Additions to the property included the mausoleum, which was completed in 1969, and a funeral home and crematorium were opened in 2009.

With the 2015 acquisition of Sunset Hills Funeral Home, Crematorium & Cemetery, the Lund Family is looking forward to bringing their unique and enduring commitment to funeral service to the greater Eugene area, and they are grateful for the opportunity to serve a new community of customers and friends.





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